Saturday 29 August 2020

iShmart Jodi Winner Name 2020: Meet the ishmart jodi title winner couple

Ishmart Jodi Winner Name 2020: This weekend is ready to experience the grand finale of Ishmart Jodi, a new level of energy and new performances are all set to blow your mind and slew your heart. iShmart Jodi Winner Name revealed right here along with iShmart Jodi Grand Finale results including Winner, Runner up, Prizes and money price details. Here you will get to know about the show so that be in this article and at last, you will have the information about the Reality show called Ishmart Jodi such as timings, judges and also the winners.
ishmart jodi

Star Maa TV Channel's most loved couple based reality show iShmart Jodi coming to end and its grand finale today on 29th August, 30th August 2020. See Who is the Winner couple jodi who lifted a title trophy in a grand finale episode.

Ishmart Jodi Finalists: Who Will be Performing in the Grand Finale?
The following celebrity couples will be performing the Grand Finale for one last time. The winner of Ishmart Jodi finalists will be chosen from these finalists: Meet the iShmart Jodi Contestants who have given their best and reached to the grand finale of the show.

1) Yash and Varsha
2) Siva Jyothi Gangoli
3) Arjunan Surekha
4) Appa Rao Jodi
5) Prabhakar Jodi
6) Marina Rohit

Who Will be the Winner?
As we as a whole realize that the entirety of the superstar couples are appearing there best to win the title of Ishmart Jodi yet according to the pundits and the crowd survey, there are just two names who are probably going to win the title of Ishmart Jodi, for example, Arjuna Surekha and Marina Rohit. We are revealing to you just these two names on the grounds that the two names are contending with one another fiercely. 

What Will be the Prize Money?
The show is getting renowned and warm among its crowd, this time you will see some entertaining minutes with an enthusiastic and grievous curve. One side you will see the sentimental and mouth-watering execution and then again, you will encounter a clever plot. We might want to disclose to you that the trophy has appeared and the triumphant sum is 25 lakh sum. Presently you should simply know who will win the title of Ishmart Jodi? who will get the trophy? also, who will take the measure of 25 lakhs? 

Ishmart Jodi Grand Finale Winner - tba
Ishmart Jodi Grand Finale Runner Up - tba

The terrific finale will be a very stylish occasion including probably the best exhibitions of this release up until now. Nonetheless, the significant anticipation will be uncovered in the finale scene on Sunday. The victor and sprinter up of Ishmart Jodi will be one of the numerous finalists who are contending energetically to be the title champs.

iShmart Jodi Winner Name 2020, First Runner Up Jodi, Finalists, Prize Money revealed after the grand finale episode. Many congratulations to iShmart Jodi Winner of Season 1 and also to the Runners up for amazing journey throughout the season.


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