Friday 20 September 2019

The Wall Game Show on Star Vijay TV | Wiki, Concept you wants to Know!

The Wall Game Show is world's biggest American game show and now its brought to you in Indian Tamil language on Star Vijay TV. Yes, NBC's The Wall Game show is now launched in Tamil Version. Its comprises of Round 1, Round 2 and Round 3. Its interesting game show concept you are going to love a lot. The Wall Game Show on Vijay TV Starting Date, Time announced here.
the wall vijay tv game show

Lets have a look at the major details of The Wall Game show which is related to guessing activities and earnings money amount.

The Wall Game Show Wiki | Star Vijay TV

A team of two contestants plays each game, with a potential top prize of Money. Green balls dropped on the board will add to the team's bank, while red balls dropped on the board will subtract from it. Throughout the game, the bank has a floor of 0.

The Wall Game Concept Details : The Wall Star Vijay Television aired Game show having following concept.

  • 4 choice will be given and one question will be asked. (One Question = 1 ball)
  • Player need to answer that Question
  • If they answer right, Ball will be turn green color
  • If they answer wrong, Ball will be turn red color, That ball will be fall from top of that wall
  • If its red ball fall on 1000$ then 1000$ will deduct from your total amount
  • If green ball falls on 1000$ then 1000$ will be added to your total

Note - there will be a lot of random amounts below the ball where ball rolls.

After the third question in Round 3, the isolated player is sent a contract by the host, and he/she must sign it or tear it up. Signing the contract gives up the team bank in favor of a guaranteed payout, equal to the Free Fall winnings plus an additional $20,000 for every question answered correctly in Rounds 2 and 3.

The Wall Game Show Starting Date - TBA
The Wall Show Airing Timings - TBA
The Wall Game show airing Channel - Vijay TV (Tamil)

The Wall Tamil Game show on Vijay TV will be airing soon. The Wall Vijay Television Starting Date and Time to be revealed Soon.


  1. Hi i like and love mostly vijay tv programmes , am also intrested to play this game plz .

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