Monday 30 September 2019

Dilli Darlings Winner Name: Shaloo Jindal Wins the Delhi Darlings Zee TV

Delhi Darlings 2019 Winner Name revealed. Yes, See Who is the Winner of Dilli Darlings Zee TV show. Various High profile women citizens of the country participated in a show. They have done their best in a reality show and finally, they have gone through public voting support. See Who is the Dilli Darlings Winner 2019. Shaloo Jindal is the Winner of Dilli Darlings.
shaloo jindal dilli darlings winner
Shaloo Jindal is the Winner of Dilli Darlings on Zee TV
Dilli Darlings Public Voting results have been announced in a great grand finale episode and we got to know about the Mrs. Delhi Darlings 2019 Title holder. Shaloo Jindal is titled as Mrs. Dilli Darlings of Zee tv show.

The elite socialite ladies of Delhi meet on a terrain that sets them against each other. As the emotional battles progress, the world of the high-class society of Delhi unfurls.

Dilli Darlings is a Hindi reality television show which presents the glamorous lives of Delhi’s high-class socialites. The show features Manya Pathak, Shaloo Jindal, Reena Mittal, Deepshika Lungani, Seema Gumber, Pooja Dua, Sona Sharma, Guneet Virdi, Pragati Nagpal and Rashmi Sachdeva. Enjoy the drama, insecurities, and controversies in the lives of these elite rich women of Delhi.

Dilli Darlings has some valuable life lessons, but none bigger than a few hundred styles to get your nails done in, each one with more bling than the other.

being rich is really, really hard work. So, through her three-minute long introduction, Puja changes from a white outfit to gold and then white, followed by gold. It brought back fond memories of Chitrahaar, where an actress couldn’t, shouldn’t and wouldn’t have just one outfit for the duration of a song.

And the Dilli Darlings Winner Is.. Shaloo Jindal

Congratulations Mrs. Delhi Darlings Shaloo for this great achievement.

Dilli Darlings captures the undying spirit of rich women in our country’s capital. And, constantly reminds us mere mortals that being rich is no piece of cake.

Congratulations to the Dilli Darlings Winner 2019 Shaloo Jindal for this great achievement in a grand finale of Delhi Darlings Zee TV show.


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