Monday 8 October 2018

Dance Plus 4 TOP 8 Contestants VOTING Missed Call Nos 2018 Details!

Star Plus aired Iconic Dance Reality Show Dance Plus 4 already Winning Hearts by having Amazing Contestants and their Performances in a Show. Now, It's Time for the Public Voting where you Can Vote and Support your favorite Dancers in a Show. See How to Vote For Dance Plus 4 Top 8 Contestants. If you Want to do Dance Plus 4 Vote for your Favorite Contestants, You can Just Give your Missed Calls and do Voting to Support them.
The Dance +4 Contestants who are Selected in Grand Auditions are Now Separated in Team Shakti Mohan, Dharmesh Yelande and Punit Pathak. See Who are the Top 10 Contestants in a Show and What are the Voting Missed Call Numbers to Vote and Support them.

The Dance Plus 4 Voting Lines will remain Open and Closed for Specific Times. Make Sure you Vote While Voting Lines are Open.

Dance Plus 4 Top 8 Contestants Names List, Voting Missed Call Nos | SMS

Here is the List of Dance +4 Contestants, The Top 8 Dancers and their Public Voting Missed Call Numbers, SMS Short Codes will be revealed to you.

1) Rishabh Sharma (Team Shakti Mohan) - 18005320406 (Missed Call No.)
rishabh sharma

2) Sujan and Aanchal (Team Punit Pathak) - 18005320405 (Missed Call No.)
sujan and aanchal

3) V Unbeatbale Crew (Team Dharmesh Yelande) - 18005320403 (Missed Call No.)
v unbeatable crew

4) Vartika Jha (Team Dharmesh Yelande) - 18005320408 (Missed Call No.)
5) Gang 13 Crew (Team Dharmesh) - 18005320407 (Missed Call No.)

6) B Unique Crew (Team Shakti Mohan) - 18005320402 (Missed Call No.)
7) Chetan Salunkhe (Team Punit Pathak) - 18005320404 (Missed Call No.)

8) The Feel Crew (Team Punit Pathak) - 18005320401 (Missed Call No.)

9) The Veterans (Team Shakti Mohan) - 18005320410 (Missed Call No.)


10) S Unity Crew (Team Dharmesh) - 18005320409 (Missed Call No.)

The remaining Dancers contestants are as follow who are in competition and Top 8 will be selected after the Battle Performances between them.

Team Punit Pathak -  House of Moves, Feel Crew, Chetan Salunkhe, Sujan and Aanchal
Team Dharmesh Yelande - D Core, V unbeatable crew, Gang 13 Crew, Vartika Jha
Team Shakti Mohan - Bad Contempt, Rishabh Sharma, B Unique Crew, The Veterans Crew

Sabrina Gurung, PS2 Trio Group, Feel Crew, House Of Moves Crew, Raini Patel, V Unbeatable Crew, Chandigarh Poppers Dance Crew, Vartika Jha, Alisha Shaikh, Rishabh Sharma, Aalok, Higher Vision Crew, Gang13, Aanchal, Kundu House Project Crew, Bad Contempt Duo Dancers, Goggle Gang, B Unique Crew, Nrutya Naivedya, S Unity Crew, Sujan Marpa Tamang, Laxman Kumbhar, Chetan Salunkhe, Animated Souls, Aman Nayyar, D-Core Crew are the Contestants in a Show.

Note - The Dance Plus 4 Vote | Public Voting Missed Call Numbers will be revealed soon.

Keep Watching Dance Plus 4 every Saturday-Sunday 8 PM on Star Plus Channel.