Thursday 24 February 2022

IGT 9 Elimination List 2022, See Who is eliminated from India's Got Talent Sony TV

India's Got Talent Top 14 selected contestants performed in a mega audition round and Public voting started. Now, IGT 9 Elimination to be revealed every weekend based on the public voting results and judges scores. See Who is eliminated from India's Got Talent 2022 this weekend by getting less votes and scores.

igt 9 elimination

India's Got Talent Top 14 Contestants who have gone through public voting are Euphony Band, Demolition Crew, Bomb Fire, BS Reddy magician, Divyansh and Manuraj, Ishita Vishwakarma, Bad Salsa 2.0, sufi nizami brothers, Warrior Squad, Crazy Hoppers, Nitish Bharti, Rishabh Chaturvedi, Saathi Dey.

India's Got Talent 2022 Elimination | Sony TV | IGT 9 Eliminated contestants this week

Finally India's Got Talent Eliminated Contestants names revealed during the weekend episode. One or more have to go home every weekend by low scores from judges and less public votes. See who is eliminated this week from India's Got Talent 2022 reality show on Sony TV.

India's Got Talent Elimination 26th-27th February 2022 - Sathi Dey, Sufi Nizami Brothers Eliminated

sathi dey sufi nizami
India's Got Talent Elimination 5th-6th March 2022 - Workout Warriors and Euphony group eliminated
workout warriors euphony

India's Got Talent Elimination 12th-13th March 2022 - TBA

Keep watching India's Got Talent every saturday-sunday 8 pm on Sony TV. Keep watching IGT 9 every weekend and don't forget to vote and support your favorite based on their performances.