Monday 15 October 2018

Rajni Ramachandran Hula Hoop Artist: Wiki, Biography Performance Video

Rajni Ramachandran - Rajni Ramachandran is a hoola hoop artist from India. She was born in Sudan & brought up in 8 countries. Rajni first got introduced to a hoola hoop during physical education class in 7th grade in the International School of Geneva. She instantly got hooked to hooping on her waist! She Later explored more on the Same Field by following her Passion.

Have a Look at Rajni Ramachandran's Wiki Biography Profile in her Own Words. Also Don't miss to watch her Performance Video as Hula Hoop Artist Playing with the Rings.

About Rajni Ramachandran (In Her Own Words)

Rajni Ramachandran decribes her Hula Hoop Artist Journey in own Words.

I’m Rajni Ramachandran, a hoola hoop artist from India. I was born in Sudan & brought up in 8 countries. I first got introduced to a hoola hoop during physical education class in 7th grade in the International School of Geneva. I instantly got hooked to hooping on my waist! Little did I know back then that so much could be done with this circular piece of plastic, & this is what I’d chose to do for a living. I had pushed it off as a hobby for most of my life. While exploring my career options as a fashion design graduate & performing artist, I kept getting reintroduced to a hoop at different points during this journey, each time with more perspective. Coming across Deanne Love's tutorials has been a turning point in my hoop journey as this gave me the opportunity to learn regardless of my geographical destination.
Further exploring the global hoop community, I came across performances & tutorials by Lisa Lottie, Rachel Lust, Hoopsmiles, Tiana Zoumer, Pam Mayer, Steve Bags & so many more artists that collectively inspired me to take up hooping in more depth. Hooping was something that slowly became the one thing I loved to do more than anything else. When I returned to India, a lot of issues in society constantly worried me - harassment towards women, casual littering habits, discussions on whether or not one must rise to our national anthem at movie theaters, amongst a million other issues.

Women are still caged by obsolete tradition & judged on the length of their skirt. Kids litter from the school bus & adults do the same from their balconies. One isn't considered to be patriotic unless they buy plastic flags to celebrate their independence, which eventually add to the litter. Maybe textbooks, schools, colleges & the entire education system have failed to inculcate these important values. We feel like we hardly have the power to change anything about the society we live in and go about our regular jobs. So did I, until I once got the opportunity to create Hoop acts in a play 'Gang Of Girls' shining light upon the taboos of menstrual cycles & unfortunate rape incidents in a country that has gazillions of goddesses.

I went on to create a short film Hooping for a litter-free-India & performed it as a Hoop act as well. I felt so much strength in the ability to express all this with my hoops! I want to explore hooping as a mode of educating values in the upcoming generations. Apart from balance, coordination, focus, endurance, core strength, flexibility & confidence both in hooping & in life, the greatest lesson I have learnt is “What goes around comes around”, just like a hoola hoop. Hooping has given me back more than I could ever have imagined. It has taught me to be patient & never give up, even if you fail multiple times. It has helped me through the months of recuperating from injuries. In a country obsessed with fair & tall as a requirement, hooping has taught me that only practice mattered, not my height or skin tone. It has taught me that age is just a number and helps me stay connected to the child within.

In a world where humans have found a million reasons to segregate themselves, a hoolahoop does not discriminate. It is for anyone across any ethnicity, race, religion, country, gender, age, body type. Hooping for me is a medium to create & communicate almost anything I wish to. It is more than just a toy or a fun fitness activity. It has become an extension of me & I wish to explore all the possibilities in the years to come."

Don't Miss to Watch the Journey Video along with the Performance of her.

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